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Roof Structure

HRC Roofing and Sheet Metal is able to enhance the sustainability of a roof in several ways.  First of all, a good roof maintenance program will increase the life of a roof.  This is a very cost effective means to save the value of the roof, the integrity of the roofing deck structure protects all of the interior assets.  The life of the roof can be extended by years if it is well maintained.

The installation of a good and fire-rated roof insulation board is another cost effective way to create value.  There are various insulation boards that are compatible with the roofing system and the roofing conditions. They are helpful in preventing the loss of interior heat during the winter and maintaining the interior cooling in the summer. 

Covering the roof with reflective coatings can enhance the life of the roof by reflecting the sun's drying ultraviolet rays and reducing their damaging effects upon the roof membranes.  Using reflective coatings will reduce the roof temperatures by 15 degrees or more and save significant amounts of cooling energy during the summer months.  Roof coatings also improve the appearance of the roof surface.

A green, or vegetated roof, is a roof that is covered or partly covered with live plant medium.  The roofing or waterproofing that is underneath is a more intense system to support the increased weight and moisture content.  A green roof serves several purposes for a building, such as absorbing rain water, providing insulation, creating a habitat for wildlife, helping lower the temperature of the urban area and creating a pleasing environment.

Solar energy can be collected on the roof with the various types of photovoltaic roof panels.  Some of these are manufactured photovoltaic panels that are fastened through upright framing above the roof.  Some systems use a photovoltaic panel that can be incorporated within the roofing membrane itself.  Nonetheless, solar energy can significantly decrease the energy purchase for an owner and decrease the CO's emissions of the power source.   This is another means for the roof to enhance the sustainable value of the building and enhance the local environment.

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